Pepper Stewart & W.A.R. at Mesquite Rodeo

Thank you Pepper Stewart for your donation of your suite to Warriors and Rodeo! We appreciate your generousity over the many years of your support. Patriotism is extremely important in our nation and you don’t just “talk the talk” but you also do something to honor our American Heroes. Follow Pepper at: Pepper StewartContinue reading “Pepper Stewart & W.A.R. at Mesquite Rodeo”

WAR Podcast – Total Feeds – TPP

Join Dr. Harry Anderson, owner of Total Feeds, and W.A.R. President Sheri Smith, as they discuss health and wellness, Total Feeds products, and Total Feed’s great partnership with Warriors and Rodeo. Healthy living and nutrition is critical to the mental health of our military and first responders. Dr. Anderson is known for his knowledge ofContinue reading “WAR Podcast – Total Feeds – TPP”

WAR Podcast – Happy Hour w/ Travis and Cody

Join Travis Trizinsky (Marine Corps) and Cody Drewry (Marine Corps) for happy hour! Topics range from their service to our country, hunting and fishing, rodeo stories, and more! True Obsession has been a partner and supporter of Warriors and Rodeo for years. Here is a sample of their support and memories! Be sureContinue reading “WAR Podcast – Happy Hour w/ Travis and Cody”

WAR Podcast – Pepper Stewart

W.A.R. President Sheri Smith and W.A.R. Regional Director J.D. Ingham interview Pepper Stewart, owner of a well-known media company and talk show The Pepper Stewart Show. Pepper is a former bull rider, bull fighter, and currently covers ranch, rodeo, agriculture, music, and western lifestyle media around the world. Pepper has been a huge supporter ofContinue reading “WAR Podcast – Pepper Stewart”

WAR Podcast – Rodeo Pig – 1000 Miles Till Home

Round 2 The next episode of W.A.R. Podcast – Rodeo Pig – hosted by Troy Hall, U.S. Army Special Operations Communicator MSG (R) with guests Wendell Berry, Co-Founder of 1000 Miles Till Home and WC Challenger Charities and Director of Fit-N-Wise in Decatur, Texas, and Sheri Smith, U.S. Navy Veteran and President and Founder ofContinue reading “WAR Podcast – Rodeo Pig – 1000 Miles Till Home”

Total Feeds donates 250 tickets to RFD-TV’s The American

Generosity knows no bounds as Warriors and Rodeo is humbled to partner with Total Feeds to bring 250 military and first responders, as well as their families, to the 2020 RFD-TV’s The American on March 7, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX. Click here to find out more information! Be sure to share with those you knowContinue reading “Total Feeds donates 250 tickets to RFD-TV’s The American”