W.A.R. Gaming

W.A.R. Gaming aims to bring together members of the community that have served and share a passion for gaming. We will be hosting charity events, tournaments, Vet/First Responder only nights, and much more. Stay tuned to www.twitch.tv/warriorsandrodeo for all the information. All money raised from donations and subscription goes back to support the W.A.R. mission of serving those who served.

Charity stream featuring multiple Veterans and First Responders raising money for W.A.R.!

Well we did it! W.A.R. Gaming is off to our first event as a creator in Fort Worth, TX. Vice President of Special Events and Streamer, Colt Ainsworth, will be attending LootFest to mingle with other creators, learn about the business and spread the word for Warriors and Rodeo. It all goes down on February 24th and 25th in downtown Fort Worth. If you are in North Texas and want to attend make sure to check the link above. There is also an after party at Martin House Brewing for a more relaxed atmosphere (tickets required). We look forward to meeting all of you and learning more from the great creators at this event! See you there!