W.A.R. Gaming

W.A.R. Gaming aims to bring together members of the community that have served and share a passion for gaming. We will be hosting charity events, tournaments, Vet/First Responder only nights, and much more. Stay tuned to www.kick.com/warriorsandrodeo for all the information. All money raised from donations and subscription goes back to support the W.A.R. mission of serving those who served. By supporting W.A.R. Gaming you are assisting us in all of our technology needs including, website, online store, and more.

Charity stream featuring multiple Veterans and First Responders raising money for W.A.R.!

W.A.R. Gaming is off to a hot start on our new platform Kick.com. We will still be on Twitch.com, so keep an eye out there. You never know where you might catch up. We have made some upgrades to our stream including a patch wall full of patches sent in by members from all over the world. Want to send us one? Email colt@warriorsandrodeo.org and we will be happy to display it! We have some exciting stuff coming up, including a W.A.R. Gaming Jersey, make sure to follow along for a chance to win. We will be offering them for purchase soon as well.

We are exited to announce that W.A.R. Gaming will be attending TX Battle Bowl in Midland, Texas on September 29-October 1. The event is Veteran owned and looks to be a great time to meet people, make new friends, and share what W.A.R. is all about. If you are going to be in the area make sure to stop by and say hi!