W.A.R. Gaming

W.A.R. Gaming aims to bring together members of the community that have served and share a passion for gaming. We will be hosting charity events, tournaments, Vet/First Responder only nights, and much more. Stay tuned to www.twitch.tv/warriorsandrodeo for all the information. All money raised from donations and subscription goes back to support the W.A.R. mission of serving those who served.

Charity stream featuring multiple Veterans and First Responders raising money for W.A.R.!

Starting March 25th at 9pm W.A.R. Gaming will be hosting a 24 hour stream to raise money for the various operations throughout W.A.R. There will be military, first responders and supporters featured throughout the event. We also have incentives, guests, and maybe a few surprises lined up. Make sure to stop by and show your support for all of those who have served this great country. www.twitch.tv/warriorsandrodeo