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Phone – 417-342-5842

WAR is fortunate to have an incredible team of volunteers to run this great organization. All our staff volunteers are military, first responders, and immediate family of those who serve – Heroes Helping Heroes.

Chain of Command

Warriors and Rodeo, Recreation, and Racing Board of Directors

  • President Sheri Smith US Navy
  • Vice President Kyle Vinyard US Army
  • Vice President Special Events Colt Ainsworth US Air Force
  • Steve Carter US Army
  • Treasurer Deana Parsnick (Father is a US Army Veteran)

Advisory Committee

The following people are considered consultants for all branches of the organization. Their opinions, knowledge, and experience as essential to the operation of Warriors and Rodeo, Racing & Rec.

  • Eva Scofield US Navy Captain, Retired
  • Paul Bristol President Base Camp 40
  • James Hasting President PAFRA