Operation Armor

under construction so check back often for updates!

“It is wrong when I see a someone who was willing to die for my freedom and safety, in the arena, with a bull riding vest that is too large for him and in turn causes him to be at a higher risk for injury and then those of us who have the connections and means to give him the protection he needs, looks the other way and ignores the years of service when he wore a vest in battle while protecting and defending us, our freedom, and our country.

Let me state this plainly and clearly – they wear helmets, bulletproof vests, ride in armor-plated vehicles, run into the fire, run into the battle, seek out the enemy, and serve, at times unto death – we should step up to protect them.” – President Sheri Smith

They protect us out of the arena – we want to protect them in it.

W.A.R. wants to make sure they have access to quality rodeo gear inside the arena and while doing their ranch and rodeo work.

This is an incredible way for us to tell our veterans and first responders that we appreciate their service to our country and we have not forgotten their sacrifices.