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We are an Organization at WAR

Join us in the life or death battle against suicide, PTSD, and depression.

W.A.R. is proud to announce its launch of Warriors at WAR. Two times a year, W.A.R. is hosting a Warriors at WAR Training. The focus of the school is suicide prevention, PTSD, and depression. This training is intended to then multiply the effectiveness of this organization to make a difference in not only the lives of our members but the lives in their families, friends, community, and beyond. They are trained in the front-line tactics of crisis situations with the mission of saving lives and helping to give others a better quality of life. Sign up below for more information on how you can be involved in this incredible training program.

The Warriors at WAR Training includes the following:


Listen to the testimonies of those who have battled suicide, depression, and PTSD to learn what helped and didn’t help.


We provide you with armor and weapons in this critical battle. Train in tactics that have helped those in crisis.


Take what you’ve learned to make a difference at home, in your family, and community.

In memory of Dylan Jones, U.S. Army

  • Train from real life experiences.
  • Learn from those currently in the battle.
  • Apply these principles in all areas of your life. Make an impact!

Join the team that continues to fight against a real enemy.

suicide, depression, PTSD

Suicide is not an Option! Join the team that will never surrender.

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W.A.R. is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that started in 2014.

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