We serve those who serve – Join Us!

What is our mission? – to find opportunities to show our military and first responders, and their families, that we appreciate them, their service, and their sacrifices to make our world a safer and less chaotic place to live. We do this in numerous ways depending on the person, their service, professional and personal life. We have multiple operations in place to implement these goals.

Operation Not on my Watch click here

Our bonds are not left on the battlefield but last a lifetime. The bonds of public service and rodeo, recreation, and racing forge relationships that in turn help our military, law enforcement, EMS, and firefighters fight the battles as a result of war and the protection of our country.

We are an organization at WAR – war against suicide, PTSD, depression, and loneliness.  Our organization provides resources and opportunities to win these battles.

Operation Armor click here

They protect us out of the arena so we protect them in the arena.

Whether it is vests, helmets, ropes, bell boots, law enforcement gear, Wrangler shirts, gloves, and more – we want to make sure our members are protected and have quality gear to participate in their events. Our military and first responders have to wear bulletproof vests, helmets to protect from bullets and fire, and drive in armor-plated vehicles – we want to make it possible for them to have high quality gear to protect them while competing. W.A.R. partners with companies to provide discounts to make this possible. Become an Armor Partner and donate to protect our Warriors!

Operation Not Forgottenclick here

W.A.R. asks you to help send care packages to our Warriors and their families. Let’s tell them they are NOT Forgotten and we remember their sacrifices. We also partner with companies to honor those who serve with tickets to events, including them in opening ceremonies and half time shows.

Operation Bucklesclick here

Buckles are awarded to distinguish meritorious service while in the military, law enforcement, EMS, and fire rescue. This may include meritorious achievement, service or performance of duty, an act of courage or heroism. The act justifying the award can entail aerial flight, and it may be noncombatant-related acts of heroism.

Operation W.A.R. K-9click here

W.A.R. is partnering with Rodrigue’s Cajun K-9 to give a trained K-9 to a veteran or first responder.

Operation W.A.R. Cabins

W.A.R. is partnering with 1000 Miles Till Home to provide retreat cabins for our military and first responders.  Not only will they benefit the American Hero who hosts the cabin on their property, but they will also give back to other military/first responders who come stay. We have found that those who serve need to even after their enlistment is up – Heroes Helping Heroes (H3). These cabins will be used for retreats, outdoor adventures, and a way station for in-between rodeos. We want to provide an opportunity for veterans and 1st responders to refresh, re-energize, and find healing and these cabins will be part of that mission. 

WAR Project – Swap Meet

New project starting summer of 2019 – send your new or still usable rodeo gear, hunting/fishing equipment, trekking poles, sleeping bags, and more, to our WAR shop in southern Missouri. We will make sure it gets in the hands of our American Heroes. Let’s give back to those who will give it all for our freedom and safety.

WAR Instituteclick here

At W.A.R.’s conception, one of the primary goals was to help our military and first responders grow professionally and personally. WAR has hosted multiple bull riding, bullfighting, and tie-down clinics. 2018 we expanded by adding team roping and steer wrestling clinics.  This also includes training calls from professionals in and out of the industry.

Our training institute includes clinics as well as access to private podcasts recorded by top professionals in the industry as well as other military and first responders testimonies.

These are just a few of our photo from our operations and missions.