Operation Not on my Watch

Operation Not on my Watch 

Our bonds are not left on the battlefield but last a lifetime. The bonds of public service and rodeo, racing, and recreation forge relationships that in turn help our military, law enforcement, EMS, and firefighters fight the battles as a result of war and the protection of our country.

We are an organization at WAR – war against suicide, PTSD, depression, and loneliness.  Our organization provides resources and opportunities to win these battles.

Operation Not On My Watch
to stand in a position and guard or watch someone or something in order to look for possible danger, threats, etc. (Merriam Webster)

We stand watch to look for possible danger and threats in the lives of our members. The men and women of W.A.R. have experienced life-changing circumstances.  While the VA has good resources, they don’t always fit the needs of our members. Sometimes when you are at your lowest it is good to have someone who has gone through the same situations and shares the same values to lend an ear and thoughtful advice. As an organization that exemplifies strong morals and western values, we can provide a network of people who have served, who understand, and who want to help their fellow brothers and sisters in arms.  
The bonds of battle, service, risk, and tragedy can never be shaken.  But we can overcome the despair that these bonds can sometimes cause. We will stand together as a team with our heroes and help them fight their battles. No one should ever have to do it alone. 

We take our battles seriously

and we intend to win them all. 

Please support our heroes by donating to our organization. Your donations will enable us to better serve our members. 

We are working on adding more profiles of those who do such more for our country l