In Memorial – Dylan Jones

U.S. Army Veteran Dylan Jones

Dylan served two tours one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He was in the 4th infantry, Cold Blood, hit man platoon.

More about Dylan from him mother, “He loved being around his family. He would go watch one of his sister’s bike races whenever they were in the Denver area. He bought his 2 youngest sisters’ computers for college. He carried his nephew around in his shoulders and would make him laugh.”

Parent and the Vet

You leave school, eyes full of red, white, and blue,

You join up as so many boys do.

You leave a boy, come back a hardened man.

The eyes so pure and blue are now blue

With scenes that cannot be shared.

I ask, hello in there,

But a soldier can’t tell –

Only to another that bears his pain as well.

When you return, the boyhood smile gone,

In its place on that knows no joy, only pain.

I told him, as many do

Thank you for your service, we are proud of you.

But what he needed to hear –

It’s ok, you have served your fallen brothers well.

My son is a soldier

And he lost his battle with despair and pain

But I know you did not die in vain.

For you belong to a band of brothers

Who will forever call your name.

So as a nation when our boys come home

It is our duty to leave no man alone.

I am sorry, son. I hope you will forgive me,

I missed the signs but I will honor you

And love you to the end of my time.

Dylan Jones

Cold blood, hit man platoon

You have stood your watch, may you be at peace

Your brothers will keep watch.


Written By Mr. Jones, Father

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