Why donate to W.A.R.?

Here is what our own members are saying – let them answer that question.

J. Ingham Military. Corrections Officer. Bull Rider. Bull Fighter.

“W.A.R. to me is a Family that I am honored to be a part of! I have waited YEARS for something like this to come along! It is everything we as vets represent, Honor, Patriotism, and all of our values, and incorporate that into the Sport we all love! Just like in uniform, we are here to support, and motivate, and connect our fellow vets and rodeo competitors, and reach out to all those in need!”

D. Harder Military. Bull Rider

“This organization has so many great members that are always there to push you to be your best in and out of the arena and uniform, there is always someone there no matter what time of the day or day of the year to help our brothers and sisters in arms through difficult times. I am so proud to be part of this organization and grateful to all of the hard work that everyone puts into it to make WAR what it is today!”

C. Ainsworth Military. Bull Rider. 

“WAR to me is a way to give back to those that have given so much to this country. I was never fired at, slept in the mud, or deployed. I feel like I owe something to all of those that did engage in true combat and spent so much time away from their loved ones. Those men and women truly deserve everything we have to offer. The stories I have heard from all of those that WAR has truly saved their lives and made such a huge impact is why I put so much of myself into WAR and why it is so important for WAR to succeed. If we can make the difference for one person to not make the final decision then I feel we completing our mission.”

J. Smith Army. Son is a bull rider.

“Since I’ve been out I have not found anyone who understands me or that I feel would be there for me. Rodeo people are a close family anyway but when you add in the part that we have all contributed to a greater cause and know the things that the other have seen and done I feel that I now have people that understand and would help in any way that they can. Although I’m past the competing stage I still enjoy the western way of life and live being a rodeo father. Having a group of people behind me that understand means the world to me. I’ve had a very hard time being social since I’ve gotten out and although I am fairly new to the organization I am loving it. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

T. Jackson Army. Bull Rider.

WAR is and amazing group. One where you don’t have to worry about people talking bad about you but it’s a family and a brotherhood where a soldier just like me and you have a place to be accepted. Plus you get to Rodeo and meet new people it’s just an all around amazing group!

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What can you donate?  Anything! 

We always need monetary donations to fund our missions. We also accept products from your business, cards to be included in WAR care packages, magazine subscriptions, hats, shirts, CDs, movies, books, gift cards…and more.

Companies can give back to those who serve in ways that are unique to their company.

  • Donate monetarily 
  • Donate an item for our store or silent auction to raise money for the organization. 
  • Become a corporate sponsor of Warriors And Rodeo. Give product or financial donations on a regular basis.  The benefits include social media posts, advertisements on our website, and more.
  • Volunteer!  Want to give some of your time to help the organization? We have a spot for you!  Contact Sheri Smith



Exclusiveness for a corporate sponsor.

Warriors And Rodeo “W.A.R” has many rodeo athletes that compete all over the country. W.A.R also has many members who are not competitive yet enjoy the ranch & rodeo lifestyle and find a common bond with those who do compete.

Every single day these Warriors & Heroes join together to protect you from a broad spectrum of threats; seen and unseen, foreign & domestic and real & potential threats on our soil.



Warriors And Rodeo brings you a team of people who cover all aspects of America’s protection. Now, W.A.R asks you to do the same. We want to see companies come together and work to protect and serve those who live by the same standard of teamwork.

While one company may want to have exclusive rights to donate its product to W.A.R we feel that it is not what is best for our members. Warriors And Rodeo’s goal is to give back to those who will give it all. To do that it will take a team of companies that will put aside their own marketing ambitions and join forces to “armor up” those who wear the real armor to protect you.

Teamwork is required by our members who protect America. W.A.R asks no less of the companies who want to protect the members of Warriors And Rodeo.

Thank you for being involved with this amazing organization. We truly appreciate you.

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