WAR Podcast – Pepper Stewart

W.A.R. President Sheri Smith and W.A.R. Regional Director J.D. Ingham interview Pepper Stewart, owner of a well-known media company and talk show The Pepper Stewart Show. Pepper is a former bull rider, bull fighter, and currently covers ranch, rodeo, agriculture, music, and western lifestyle media around the world.

Pepper has been a huge supporter of Warriors and Rodeo before it became a non-profit. Sheri Smith was his agent for three years. During that time, Pepper encouraged her to press on with her vision of taking her agent connections to give back to those who serve. In fact, Pepper was one of W.A.R.s first donors and continues to donate every year to help W.A.R. fulfill its missions.

This new edition of the Warriors and Rodeo podcast covers a wide variety of topics including COVID-19 in Texas, Minnesota, and Missouri, PBR, what it’s like to do media in the rodeo industry, history of The Pepper Stewart Show, and more! Turn it on while driving to work or put your blue tooth on and listen while on the tractor – either way check it out and listen to the end!

Pepper Stewart, J.D. Ingham, and Sheri Smith

Check out J.D.’s business at Rustic Lane Designs https://www.facebook.com/rusticlanedesignsmn/

Rustic Lane Designs

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