W.A.R. Update

W.A.R. Update – between Covid restrictions and our president being diagnosed with a brain tumor and the following brain surgery, W.A.R. has experienced a decrease in events and fundraising. With a team of volunteers, we are excited to have our first in-person event back to be with the one and only @bobfeistinvitational and @heelomatictrainingsystems in Reno, Nevada. This is our fourth partnership with this generous organization and we are thankful to be a part of it. Check back daily for updates and information! http://www.warmissions.org #bobfeistinvitational #heelomatictrainingsystems https://bfiweek.com/ https://www.heelomatic.com/

Published by Sheri Smith, President

Navy Veteran. President and Founder of Warriors and Rodeo, a 501C3 non-profit.

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