Under the Flag – LCPL Benito Ramirez

U.S. Marine Corps LCPL Benito A. Ramirez KIA May 21, 2006 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Justin Bowie shares his memories while deployed in Iraq. He lost numerous brothers-in-arms while serving our country. This was a difficult story for him to tell, so from all of us I want to thank Justin for helping us to keep their memories alive.

Check back, Justin will be sharing the stories of the others who lost their life in the line of duty.

Lcpl. Benito ” Cheeks” Rameriz
July 28, 1984
May 21, 2006
3rd battalion 5th marines Jump Platoon. Ramirez volunteered for a third. He was wounded in action and suffered a concussion just five days prior to his death. In 2004, Ramirez was awarded a Certificate of Commendation, recognition for meritorious service. Benito was the oldest of three sons and he once wanted a career in law enforcement once he finished with the Marines. He was set to come back to the Valley in December 2006. He is survived by his wife, Juliana Ramirez; his mother, Maria Graciela Ramirez; his father, Felipe Ramirez; his two brothers, Jose Efrain and Allen David; his maternal grandparents, Rosendo and Fidela Tijerina, and paternal grandmother Maria Reyna. Lance Cpl. Benito A. Ramirez was 21.

(Taken from Facebook) I can still taste the dust in my mouth from the blast on May 21, 2006 Fallujah Iraq we lost a good Marine who was on his 3rd and last deployment before getting out of the Marine Corps. Lcpl. Benito”Cheeks” Ramirez was one of the best Machine Gunners I knew. At just 21 years of age you were too young with your whole life ahead of you. It took me 13 years to finally come and see your final resting place and to drink another beer with you, I am sure you know how much of a relief to me it was to finally come down and see you. I think about you everyday, a lot of those days I have wished it was me instead of you. The days keep coming and they keep getting harder, but I keep thinking about you and the promise we made, my wife and kids and how they keep believing in me. There has been days that I have been close to joining you. But you somehow find a way so I wouldn’t join you so soon. And because of you Benny I have something to live for I have 4 beautiful girls and 1 boy that keep my mind and heart at ease. While I’m lying here in bed writing this on a Tuesday night I glance over at my youngest sleeping between my wife and I, I kiss her every night while she is asleep because it is because of you that she is here. It might sound selfish of me but you know how thankful I am for you that gave your life for moments like this. I am writing this tonight instead on a Thursday because this Thursday I will be sitting out by the fire with a glass of whiskey and a cigar in remembrance of you. I love ya brother, I will never forget and my daughter’s will never forget. Much Love Brother til VALHALLA
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Photos below – Marine Corps Veteran Justin Bowie


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