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In June 2016, Total Feeds owner Dr. Harry Anderson began his corporate relationship with Warriors and Rodeo.

Dr. Anderson partnered with Warriors and Rodeo anticipating his product would benefit those in our organization who deal with the effects of PTSD, depression and other combat-related symptoms. Many of our members use Total People Plus and have found great results. We appreciate Total Feeds and Dr. Anderson joining both missions of WAR Operation Not on my Watch and Operation Not Forgotten.

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W.A.R. has partnered with Dr. Anderson to raise money for our organization. For a limited time, you can order Total People Plus and 100% of the money raised goes to our organization. To order, click here.


Steve Carter, Army Veteran, Ranger, 4 Combat Tours, Purple Heart Recipient:
I am able to get up and get moving earlier and faster. I’m accomplishing more since my mind seems to be clearer. I take 4 pills a day.

Colt Ainsworth, Air Force Veteran:
I was given a bottle of Total People Plus at ACTRA Finals by Cory of Total Feeds. I started using it about a month later due to illness and didn’t want to take it while sick. I started using it and definitely felt a difference. I had more energy, especially in the morning. Also, it sustained throughout the day for my gym workout without the crash of other supplements. It definitely felt like more than just a standard vitamin because of the energy boost that I felt throughout the day. I will definitely be getting more TPP because with kids, work and trying to get back in shape, I need all the energy and vitamins I can get.

Chris Skeeters, Marine Corps Veteran, 3 Combat Tours, Purple Heart Recipient:
I received a supply of Total People Plus via a donation from Dr. Anderson and Total feeds via a donation from an organization called Warriors and Rodeo. As a bull rider, Father, and Marine Corps veteran I am constantly on the road and constantly living a hard and fast life. Total People Plus has helped with keeping me energized in a natural way instead of relying on energy supplements. Total PPL Plus has also helped cut my recovery time down after a long and rough summer run on the rodeo trail. While taking Total PPL Plus I have noticed that my mind does not wander and it’s easier to concentrate and stay on a task until it’s complete. 

Other Testimonies:

  • He said it helps him think clearer. He struggles with PTSD and focus. He told me he can see a real difference in clarity. He still has flashbacks and nightmares. But, he said that the calmness helps as with many with PTSD, anger, and frustration with little things in life can be a problem. 4 pills a day.
  • Total People Plus has helped with the energy above all else. 
  • Helped me with not so much if anxiety. Brought it down a bit to where I could handle it. And not have to rely on my anxiety medication 
  • Helped me feel better, physically, from riding I was getting pretty sore. But it tended to go away faster after I started taking the total people plus. 
  • Total Feeds helps me when I sleep at night. After the 3rd day, I noticed I was no longer staying up late. I was focused on positive mental clarity and woke up wanting to get things done. I as a veteran would recommend Total Feeds feed to an in-need veteran that feels like the world is falling apart. This product is amazing and to think it comes in the form of a small pill that packs the perfect punch. Thank you Total Feeds for changing my daily habits around in a positive way 
  • I just wanted to say I really enjoy this Supplement. I feel a sense of calmness and energy. With my husband dying last July things have been in a fast forward mode. I was thrown into the workplace after 20 years as a stay-at-home mom and stock contractor. I then started on-line classes while learning about computers. We’ve had someone stalking my family which has at times been dangerous and stressful. I’m also trying to keep up with two young adults and their rodeos and life. On top of all of this, I’m pursuing a career back in Law Enforcement and working out usually 5 -6 days a week. It’s been a lot to deal with and at times taken its toll. I don’t sleep well and so most of my days start out very tired. This has been a great boost. The only drawback is taking so many. I wish you only had to take say 1-2. Thank you for allowing me to try it.

Taken from the Total Feeds Website:
Dr. Harry Anderson has over 42 years of experience formulating animal rations with the best ingredients. The focus has been on optimum health and performance through excellent nutrition.  For over three decades it’s Total Feeds goal to find the best ingredients and make feeds and supplements that enhance the total health and performance of any animal, at any stage of their life.

Total Feeds Total People Plus
Total People Plus™ is a multivitamin/mineral pack designed with Total Feed’s own proprietary formula to give your body all the help it needs to perform at its maximum potential.
Safe, effective, and easy to take it can help improve your daily routine regardless of your activity.

Listen to W.A.R. Air Force Veteran Mathew Jobe discuss Total People Plus with Dr. Harry Anderson on RFD-TV Rural America Live (47:36)
Jan 23rd RFD-TV Chris Skeeters. Marine Corps Veteran. Purple Heart Recipient. At 36 minutes.  

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