Cactus Ropes, Gear, Saddlery

We are proud to partner with Cactus Ropes, Gear, and Saddlery. Cactus Ropes is a leader in the team roping and rodeo world. Whether team roping, tie-down, breakaway, on the ranch, or just for fun, Cactus has the perfect rope to fit your personal style and level or roping. 

Cactus has had many great individuals influence the team rope making process over the years starting with Cactus Jack, Jacky and Rob Stephenson, Joe Mathews, Barry Berg, and Mike Piland. Clay O’Brien Cooper, Jake Long, Chad Masters, Riley Minor, Matt Sherwood, Nick Sartain, Lari Dee Guy, Hope Thompson, Stran Smith along with many other team ropers, breakaway roper, and tie-down ropers have lent their professional expertise time and time again to help the master rope makers at Cactus hone their craft.

One of the greatest opportunities for the Cactus crew was the partnership with the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). For the last decade Trevor Brazile, the King of the Cowboys, has been working with Cactus Ropes to design the best feeling head and heel team ropes on the market. Trevor’s Relentless attention to detail coupled with the team rope design team at Cactus resulted in not only the creation the best selling Relentless line of team ropes and calf ropes, but a positive effect on the quality of all Cactus products, from ropes and sports boots to horse blankets.

For more information on Cactus Ropes, Gear, and Saddlery, explore the following links! Order from them today and tell them thank you for supporting Warriors and Rodeo and all who serve.

W.A.R. is thankful to partner with Cactus Ropes, Gear, and Saddlery to provide a discount program to our registered military and first responders. If you have registered with Warriors and Rodeo and would like to know more about this program, email for more information.

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Andreas Sanchez, U.S. Army

Jesse Strait, U.S. Marine Corps