100X Helmets

Operation Armor – protecting those who protect us

Many military, Law Enforcement, EMS, and Firefighters wear protective helmets while in the line of duty. These helmets are considered personal armor designed to protect the wearer during combat and dangerous duty.

They protect us out of the arena, we want to protect them in the arena.

T. Hall, Army Ranger – “This helmet has saved my life…maybe because I’m old, or reckless, or just because it’s bull riding. Regardless, I would not get on a bull or compete without one.”

K. Snyder, Navy – “After 25 years of bull riding, at one point using every helmet on the market, the only one that I trust is 100X.”

100X Helmets has helped protect those who protect us by either donating helmets or providing an incredible discount to our organization. Warriors and Rodeo has also purchased helmets for our members, using the generous discount program. Here are a few who have benefited:

  • D. Blair, Army
  • B. Havill, Fire Fighter
  • T. Jackson, Army
  • R. Long, Army
  • B. Landon, Army
  • L. Blankenship, Navy
  • B. Elmore, Army National Guard
  • and many others in our organization

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