Military and First Responder Registration

Thank you for your service to this great country. We appreciate all you have done to keep America safe and secure. 
We would be honored to have you a part of Warriors and Rodeo. 
Who can apply?

  • Active and former Military, Fire Fighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, Corrections Officer
  • Honorable and General Discharge from military service
  • Medical Discharge/Medical Retirement
  • Active Duty/Reserve/NG/Retired
  • Must have served or are currently serving a minimum of three years in one of the authorized branches/professions unless medically discharged. (If you signed a two year contract, this will be taken into consideration.)
  • Bad Conduct and Dishonorable discharge are not allowed to register with WAR
  • Renewal

Any other professions that do not fall underneath one of the branches already mentioned, can be submitted for consideration to the board. Please fill out the registration form and verification of service and you will be contacted.
To prevent fraud and abuse we do require proof of service. 

  • DD-214 (feel free to black out private info not necessary for registration)
  • current active duty ID
  • current first responder ID
  • proof of first responder employment

We understand that sometimes the paperwork is lost. WAR will work with you to verify service. Please fill out the form below and add your specific circumstances in the comments section of the registration form and we will be in touch to help resolve it.

Registration can take up to 30 days to process. You will hear from us with any other questions and when we have everything processed.

We appreciate your consideration of a donation to WAR. Our website and forms have monthly fees as well as other office and admin costs such as supplies, ink, printer, shipping our care packages, items for our care packages, and more.  This donation helps us keep running, so thank you. Click here for donations.

More information:

WAR DOES NOT SPONSOR ITS MEMBERS – although it can help and lead to it for members. As we receive donations we purchase gear for our members. This is dependent upon companies and supporters donations. Other WAR members give their used gear to other members, also. Heroes helping Heroes.
We try our best to help our members reach their highest potential in life, on the battlefield, and in the arena.

WAR IS NOT A SUICIDE PREVENTION PROGRAM. – We provide a network and opportunity for those who serve to have the friendships and encouragement they need but we are not professional counselors. We try to do what we can but there are times when people need to go to a professional. We encourage our members to receive counseling.


WAR will be implementing a stricter vetting process. Your registration can take one month to be processed.