W.A.R. Youth Team

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A way for America’s youth to support our country’s heroes- the people that have given their all to protect America and us.

We want YOU to be on the W.A.R. Youth Team
  • You can take part in honoring our heroes; by wearing the W.A.R. Youth logo sticker, shirt, hat, and other opportunities.
  • Join W.A.R. Youth Projects to help bring awareness to the organization and its purpose. 
  • Help educate our schools and friends on the importance of honoring our military, law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, and others who protect our freedom and safety.
  • Help W.A.R. Youth Team form units around the country and lead a group in activities and events.
  • Earn points towards Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals in our W.A.R. Olympics. You can earn Patriotic Points and Event Points.
  • Receive a letter from the President of W.A.R. for college applications and scholarships.

Note from President of Warriors And Rodeo, Sheri Smith.
No one is too young to make a difference. You are important and we would be thrilled to have you on the Warriors And Rodeo Youth Team. We have a mission for you – to remind this country that freedom isn’t free – to continually act in a manner that would inspire others to be more patriotic, honor those who serve our country with integrity and selflessness, and to do your part to keep America the greatest nation in the World.
In America everyone has a civic duty to serve the country in some way. We ask you to join Warriors And Rodeo Youth Team and do just that.

Sheri Smith
President of Warriors And Rodeo

The Declaration of Independence 
The Pledge of Allegiance
The Star Spangled Banner
Warriors And Rodeo Code of Conduct

Upload your photos of the national anthem, competing, representing W.A.R. in activities, photos with those who serve, and more! Make sure to put an explanation of each picture.

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