Update / Sound-Off

We want to know how you are doing. What’s going on in your life? Did you move, re-enlist, get married, etc?

Is your phone number, email, and address the same?

Take a few minutes and fill out this form so we can verify that we have the correct and up-to-date info and so we can find out how you are doing.

Doing a yearly check-in is important to WAR.

We have a form for you to fill out, super easy. On this form are our publicity, code of conduct, release form, and confidentiality and volunteer agreement. It’s a whole lot easier to have you just sign and agree to it now instead of trying to get it done later. If you want to look at them, the links are below. If you have any questions, let us know at war@warriorsandrodeo.org These forms are only to protect our organization and those in it.

WAR Publicity Consent

WAR Code of Conduct

WAR Release Form

WAR Confidentiality and Volunteer Agreement