Gist Silversmiths

Warriors and Rodeo has an amazing partnership with Gist Silversmiths that has allowed us to honor some of the finest Warriors that our great nation has to offer. We would not be able to give these beautiful buckles to the those deserving them without their support.

W.A.R. also has a specially designed buckle, just for us that we are proud to offer in our store that continues to support our mission and give more of these awards.

WAR Roping Clinic – Colorado 2021
Lance Bloyd – Salute to Service Award
Kyle Vinyard – Vice President

History of the Buckle

Back in the days of the old west, many cowboys didn’t wear belt buckles, or even belts at all. Most of the time they wore suspenders as they were more practical for ranching and working.

When TV and movies came along this perception changed with all of the great westerns that were introduced and romanticized the cowboy way of life. Buckles became a fashion statement and a badge of honor for many. Many saw the dirty ways of the old west become stylish with some polished silver and gold.

Buckles today, whether bought or earned have a special place in the heart of many. It can be for pride, remembrance, or just for a night on the town. However you may wear yours, wear it proudly and continue to support the western lifestyle.