W.A.R. Full Registration

Let’s take the next step in this organization and get you fully registered so you can access our discounts, clinics, events, and other projects.

This form helps us:
  1. Get to know you more.
  2. Update your information so we can keep you updated.
  3. Verify service.
  4. Receive a yearly administrative fee of $30

There are those who misrepresent their service and we take fraud seriously. I’m sure we’ve all met people who are scammers and attempt to take what does not belong to them. Here at W.A.R. we do our best to weed them out as fast as possible. Verification, in-house basic background checks – we want to make sure W.A.R. is an organization of integrity and honor.

W.A.R. Full Registration will only be offered a few times a year. This will help our volunteers process the forms easier and quicker. You can expect to be able to do full registration on the following dates and occasions:

  1. Jan. 1-30 every year
  2. July 1-30 every year
  3. Before a special event or clinic.
  4. This must be done yearly to continue access to the extended benefits of W.A.R.

To pay the non-refundable admin fee please do so below. If you are mailing a check, note on the form below so we can be expecting it.

Take your time filling out our form. The more information we have the better we can “Make W.A.R. Great!” It can take 30 days to process this form.


Sheri Smith, President and Founder of W.A.R. U.S. Navy Veteran

The following form is password protected. To get the password you must sign up any time through out the year with our general form here.

Submit your Paypal Registration Admin Fee Here
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